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Tanya would like to extend her appreciation to those who have encouraged her along her journey. Listed in no
particular order: Carol Mickey, Warren Mickey Hargrieves, Anthony, Zoey, Judy Williams, Ciciel Studel, N.
McDonald, Nelson Brunanski, Raymond Chow, Kristofer Sandberg, Wynne Palmer, Elaine Foster, Michael
Barrick, Cynthia Lowewn, Richard Wasnot, Len Marry
© Copyright Tanya McDonald 1994 - 2012
Lady V Designs is Canadian self taught multidisciplinary artist Tanya McDonald, formerly known as Tanya

The body of her work encompasses organic influenced abstract, expressionistic surrealism,  historically inspired
jewelry, mixed media 3 -D collage, and photography.

At the outset, one can clearly see that her work is infused with intensely emotional qualities. Using life
experiences and observations for her work, she has taken the road less traveled to stop, reflect and take the time
to see the emotional connections many miss and translates them into a physical presence.

She interprets the richness and contrast of life in colour, resulting in images of both emotional serenity and
dramatic visual effect, she is able to transport us back to a moment in our lives when we still identified with
“Artists create so that others might see.”
~ Tanya McDonald
Mother Nature and/or human nature, with all its incredible
beauty. From the evolution and revolution of existence,
from life to death to rebirth, from new to old, then renewed,
from construction to destruction to reconstruction and
human interaction. The forms are examinations of the
world in perpetual flux, where meaning and function are
ever changing.

Heavy chroma, textures, bold lines and dark symbology
characterize her work, fusing themes from nature with
observations of the delicate changes in the human
emotional state.

Being particularly drawn to spontaneity, expressive bold
colours and the dynamic texture possibilities, the majority
of her work has been created with acrylic mediums.
However, being multidisciplinary, she experiments with
fresh mediums constantly.

Tanya has remained in her home town, where she lives
with her two and four legged family members. Here, she
happily contrives new creative adventures amidst the
countless collections of trinkets, books, curiosities, music
and paintings that are her inspiration.

For more information about Tanya's work, please contact
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